Daisey (36), Soweto- “To hell with emotions and marriage, let’s just have fun and spend money. WhatsApp me from SATESPACE for way forward”.

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Marriage and emotions just ain’t my things. I prefer having no emotions all this thing but fun. Let’s not attach strings to each other. You do whatever you want and I do the same. It’s perfect that way. Either way, you will be my one and only.

Just like you might expect already, I’m beautiful and rich, yes. I have made money though careful investment and taking opportunities. Talking about opportunities, I’m happy to tell you that this one is yours knocking on your door. It’s your choice whether to take out or keep scrolling on. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

I have houses in almost every part of this country so I can meet you wherever you might be. We will spend money and have fun in one of my mansions, you choose where. Right now, I’m planing to give you:


Everyday it every week, you choose. I’m fact, you just contact me when ever you need it. I will be ready to answer your call Everytime and I will be waiting for it. The truth is I would down my money with anyone else but my man. Be the one.


I swear you will enjoy being with me whichever way you want. I will give you enough pleasure to forget all the pain you have been through in your life. My goal is to make your happy and have fun with you right now.

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I’m not going to marry you, I’m going to have fun together with you and also make you rich.

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